Rosenblut & Friedmann

About Our Story

For more than a decade, Yael Rosenblut dedicated herself to video art and curatorship. Both in her works and in the exhibitions she organized, she reflected on the spaces through which art circulates. Then, she took a turn in her life, became a tenacious merchant and, in 2013, went to New York to position new artists in the demanding North American market. However, an accident would change her destiny. Upon arriving at an opening and getting out of the cab, one of the heels of her shoes broke, causing her to lose her balance. Time slowed down and she could see her approaching the pavement of Madison Avenue, when she felt a hand break her fall. It all happened in less than a second, but the friendship with Mario Friedmann was to last. At the time, Friedmann had been collecting art for half his life and was passionate about meeting new artists. They were both on their way to the same opening and immediately realized that they not only shared a fascination for contemporary painting, but that they belonged to that curious type of people who believe there is nothing nobler than dedicating one’s life to art. Out of affinity, friendship and business, they continued to meet whenever they could. In those meetings they talked about art, but not from the theoretical point of view, which, although they knew it, was not their language.

Their approach was more visceral and it was enough for them to mention the name of an artist -like Maurizio Cattelan, Christian Boltanski, Jenny Holzer or Christoph Ruckäberle, Julian Rosefeld and Paula Anguita, among others- to get excited, since memory, and not words, was more useful to reproduce that moving experience they felt in front of a work of art.

One afternoon, at the Reina Sofia Museum, while admiring the sculptures of the German Thomas Schütte, they asked themselves, “Why don’t we open our own gallery? By the time they reached the cubists’ salon the idea had already taken shape. The following year they made countless trips between Madrid and Berlin, where Friedmann lives, and after bringing Franz Ruz into the partnership, the idea became a reality. Today, Rosenblut and Friedmann is a gallery dedicated to the exhibition of emerging and established artists, which seeks to expand the horizon of the traditional gallery model through exploration and collaboration with artists throughout the exhibition process. It is this vision that shapes Rosenblut and Friedmann’s identity and ultimately aims to establish a nexus between the present and the future of art.