Burning Natures

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Nohemi Perez, Keyna Eleison, Reto Pulfer, Tania Ximena, Miruna Boruzescu, Ariel Schlesinger.
Ariel Schlesinger
24. Feb 08. Apr. 2023 11 - 19

Burning Natures: Curated by Ariel Schlesinger

Free contribution to Burning Natures

From the fire. 

That touches us and we cannot touch. How to inhabit borders? 

Boundary lines, points of deviation in observation between life and devastation that can be the line of time and space.

One possibility is to create encounters, pathways, where the balance can be waiting and observation.

It is not an amalgamation of works. What we see is an encounter, a proposal, one in many possibilities. And this same one, the possibility that exists here, inhabits smiles and life. 

From much of what can be said and written about the tenuous line between life force and death that the idea of fire can bring us, everything will be weak.

Weak… because of this relationship words are little enough to contribute.

Imagining a boundary made by fire, a straight line that divides two forms of abundance: exaltation of colors and arid, darkened space. 

Nature and the feeling of celebration in boundaries produced by fire. For the invitation is one of celebration and not of consumption, of dazzle and not of extraction.

 An active meditation that leads us to notice and dance in the silence.

I could describe the sensation of bare feet feeling a ground that changes texture, temperature, and color, but vision would not be able to do it. Like reading something with your eyes closed. 

In this way I would like to invite each person reading this text to realize that we are barefoot inside our socks and shoes. We are naked inside our clothes and that this nudity can tell us more in silence than in sparse description.

And may this feeling go all the way to your dreams. And may we be together.

Keyna Eleison

Cerro Encanto
How Fire Things